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and higher after hours. u.s. weekly jobless claims fell more than expected dropping to a seasonally adjusted 355,000, a drop of 8,000 claims as a possible sign of a healing job market although officials are warning figures may be distorted by superstorm sandy. the four week average applications rose by more than 3,000 of these numbers, change from week to week. liz: let's get a greater perspective. we have jerry levy on the pits of the cme, eugene profits and mark martyak, robert gray at the ready to break in with earnings as soon as they hit the table but let's start with jerrod at the cme. we blew through the 1400, 1440 level on the s&p like this. what do you think? tomorrow and the next couple weeks? >> of paper for we are standing on. a lot of folks watching the 1380 level. i'm watching the 2 and the day moving average of 1360. i jumped in front of the frame. i was selling to avalanche david talked about the vix coming in and markets deteriorated. the reason is people like me to dip their toes in, professional option traders selling downside money put them the right to buy -- dave: i wan
. unbelievable. where should you put your money to work? you say this not here at home, it is by the u.s. >> mention a couple of stocks, disney and apple. no reason to pick through the rubble. the s&p 500 stocks are fairly priced. look at the u.s. as a whole, are looking to eke out 2.5% gdp. if you look at the emerging market for the last year and a half they have significantly underperformed the s&p 500, valuation is cheaper than the s&p 500 and if you look at a place like india, that is investors dream. the median age over 25 compared to 37, 38 for the u.s. growth rate coming in around 7% over there, the emerging middle class going from 100 million to 600 million by 2025. just investing in $2 billion in united spirits, that is a consumer you want to tap into, plenty of opportunity for long-term growth, much cheaper multiple than what you are finding on the shore. david: ticker symbols, epi, and china broad-based. it is great to see you. very good advice, thank you very much. >> thank you both. sandra: would have a top strategist that says the gold craze is on the way and the best way t
are talking about your sectors, what sectors do you believe are poised to profit? >> we think the u.s. economy, the u.s. consumer, they are collectively in better shape than the world has given us credit for. bottom up, we are focusing on fundamentals and valuations. there has already been a lot of talk. we like financial services, parts of financial services, and the ongoing transformation, really, the u.s. energy superpowers, is a fantastic long-term story. that is where we have found of late more opportunity than not. david: yu-dee chang, there is a technology shift or it a lot of people have been waiting for this. the old-timers have been replaced by the new kids on the block. as we shift to mobile devices, tremendous shift that is part of intel. you go for ibm, which is one of the old plays in technology. why are they poised to take advantage of this major tectonic shift? >> don't forget that ibm as recently as five or six months ago made a big play in selling corporate bonds. a two year note at a very low interest rate. 1%. they are taking these billion dollars to take advantage of this.
world war ii, to look at over the last 50 years the u.s. has been in recession 53% of the time. just the low altitude the economy is flying at the last two or three years leads us to believe the numbers are closer to 30% and that number is probably moving upwards in people's minds as we get closer to the cliff. liz: if we have faith our leaders will come up with a solution because it wants to be reelected again, don't you think now is a better time than later to get in because the market could do a moon shot and by then it could be too late trying to catch a rising star, harder than catching a falling knife, perhaps. >> i do believe there will be a resolution before christmas. what we need to focus on is it used to be seen as an act of statesmanship across the aisle and now to move the country forward is seen now as a betrayal. investors are dollar cost averaging. you got it. we could move lower from here, that is possible. but you can't really tim time-to-market, don't know when they will come out with this deal. when they do the market should have higher from there. david: if taxes
of the u.s. means less usage of natural gas, particularly in the northern midwest and we were going to get snow tomorrow under an inch. david: and we are seeing weakness the department store stocks. macy's and nordstrom's underperforming in that particular sector. liz: how about some jewelry for the holidays. a rough year, but today it is making a huge push to get consumers to buy diamonds and fine jewelry. president and ceo harvey cantor here live to tell us what those deals are including a huge giveaway they're doing and how we are doing and what kind of a halo effect they're having on the giveaway. david: and economic advisors warning middle-class tax rates to rise and failing to catch could cause consumers to spend $200 million less than they normally would next year. coming up chairman of the president's council of economic advisors joining us to talk about the fiscal cliff and whether we will go over it. liz: do not miss it. but first what drove the market with today's data download. the nasdaq the only major index. still a pretty rough day on light volume. the dow and s&p ending low
will derail the biggest economic driver in the u.s. and that is biotech. mike milken talking about life-saving drugs, jobs that come with them and our status as the leader of the industry, all at stake if we go over the fiscal cliff. and dr. francis collins with the national institutes of health. fiscal cliff. folks including today to liz hy malcolmed the month of november and the red and nasdaq and s&p close slightly higher, consumer discretionary and industrials were this month's top performing sectors, utilities and energy lagged behind. oil posting its second straight day of gains closing the trading day up 1%, $80.91 for a barrel of oil and today's gains in crude up 3% for the month of november as concern over threats to supply due to mideast violence offset ongoing demand worries and personal spending, are you part of this, it sold for the first time in five months dropping 0.2%. the commerce department is a debating that to hurricanes and the lowering wages and salaries by an annual rate of $18.2 billion. dave: we may get a dividend bust in the month of december and discuss all o
hi-revised reading of 73.1 in october o. and u.s. home prices climbing higher for the sixth month in a row. property values in 20 cities jumped 3% compared to one year ago, building on a 2% gain posted in august. liz: green mountain coffee roasters brewing up numbers, robert gray has the numbers. >> reporter: coming in better than expected, 946.7 million bucks, well ahead of the estimate, 902, and the nongap adjusted earnings number coming in, again, well ahead of expectations, 64 cents. thatts better than the 48 cents that were anticipated there. and they're talking up the sales of new platforms here as they're facing new competition from starbucks. a double beat, if you will, and you see the shares jumping in after hours. liz: yes, david was right, it has been hammered by the short sellers, particularly david einhorn who was famed for short selling lehman brothers. but, again, this is a company that has continued to try and come through here, new management changes, right, robert? >> reporter: yes, new ceo, and i just did a quick search, nary a mention of starbucks, remember, st
their first smart phone. 58% of teenagers in the u.s. now have smart phone, the fastest-growing demographic. it is a global phenomenon so we have consumers and enterprise as well. allowing us to protect those going to the enterprise. david: of all the figures we have seen the most remarkable is 58% of teens and preteens have smartphones because i'm the one hand it to be a lifesaver, the other hand it can be pretty scary what the kids are exposed to. is that one of the fastest-growing segments of your business? >> yeah, we just announced the product. our team is getting ready to launch those products for black friday, so we are actively working to make sure parents walking to the stores next week and buying their kids a smart phone have the ability to purchase. we announced the relationships with the dealers in the u.s. absolutely expecting it to be a big part of the growth. i'm not sure this phenomenon will stop, they are begging me every single day for a smart phone. i anticipate this will go below the age of 10 at some point. they can do almost anything on these devices. david: i can't, b
account? >> they have to move up on the spectrum. we don't see a lot of value in u.s. treasuries and investment grade corporate bonds right now because based on low interest rates and the possibility of appreciation, a five year time horizon of zero total return. david: where would the most conservative investors of all, which are the elderly, where would they go in equities? where would they trust their funds in equities? >> to give your definition, these are companies that have dividend paying stocks that have consistently increased them over the last 25 years and increase them to keep up with inflation. example of that would be at&t, johnson & johnson, procter & gamble. the best way for our clients to play that right now is through the etf. a little bit of play, taking the market risk and the business risk off the table because they are not going to single security. buying a basket of funds. lauren: th to kind of keep on driving home the etf. certainly has staying power. what else should investors do, if anything? >> for somebody who doesn't want to get into equities to go see
a role from 410,000. u.s. gdp grew at a revised 2.7% in the third quarter above the initial estimate of 2% reported last month. the commerce department attributes last quarter's increase to gains in private inventory investment and federal government spending so got to take that in mind and a decline in imports didn't help that number. liz: a crazy day in the pits of the cme. we have tim mulholland standing by, tom is a 1-act telling why it is time to shift away from -- release save names and diving in, and the dour is headed higher. he calls a day of 14,000, we will tell when he expects it to hit but let's start with him at the cme. you have john boehner, speaker of the house coming out at 11:00 eastern saying no substantive changes or developments after meeting with the treasury secretary and many had harry reid saying it is going to be done by the end of the year-end market, with a place and some gains pretty decent. >> it is to be expected, they still have time and there's always the eleventh hour but at the end of the day rather than trading on those headlines at the end of the day i
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are facing across the pond but also the situation we're facing right here at home. watch out, the u.s. could become the next grease. plus we're going back to the global leadership conference where she is surrounded by all kinds of business leaders. what do you have coming up? >> we were surrounded when richard branson was here. they scattered, they all went to go listen to what is of ccurse one of the most exciting and innovative entrepreneurs on the planet. coming up, another one, this time jimmy wale of wikipedia, the cofounder. you and i haven't spoken to him in the past. boy is he speaking now. all kinds of discussions about the influence that wikipedia now has today in the biggest of the big news stories and his thoughts on the stop on the piracy act that was stopped in part because he went and put wikipedia into the black, turned it off when he wanted to protest that act. we will talk to jimmy wales, one of the top entrepreneurs in america with what is next with him and wikipedia. david: thank you very much. before all of this stuff we will tell you what drove the market with the "data
of the u.s. space station according to a new york official. and so the deal here is, there is a silver lining, and it's a good one. the sanitation department telling fox business that the new york parks department thankfully opened this area up for this temporary landfill because if they didn't the rebuilding would be weigh much, much slower. and so what's going on here is they're basically moving these debris, which is memories, personal belongings, washing machines, baby strollers, bicycles we have seen throughout the day. they're putting them into dump trucks and they will take it out of new york state into places like pennsylvania, and then what's going to happen then is basically your going to see private companies or public-sector companies -- excuse me, publicly traded companies like waste management coming in to bid on that to remove the debris. let me just show you, standing right here in picking of those from a total of bumps to better landing all over the place. we will be here throughout the night into the early evening, and what you're seeing, like to coming on because the
happened happened with the jobs numbers thought the u.s. economy did add 171,000 jobs in october. the on employment number of 27.9%. august and september numbers were upwardly revised. u.s. factory orders posted their largest gain in 18 months. jumping nearly 5%. it was driven by a surge in demand for commercial aircraft. a category where orders had just plunged in last august. david: we have all of today's action covered. rich edson has information on the all important jobs report. jeff cleveland says today's report is just statistical noise so get over it. let's start with rich. i think this is a jobs report both candidates want to get over because it was a wash speaking there is enough in there for both to spend. both use this as evidence that voters should elect them on tuesday. >> today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. today we learned companies hired war in october. >> he said he would lower the unemployment rate. today we learned it is 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took of
dynamics and u.s. steel, of course, as well. david: not a bad day at all. when the bell rings, the action really begins. we are just moments away from big releases. we have starbucks, linkedin and did we mention dreamworks. the stock is up more than 20%. liz: the third-quarter income more than quadrupled since last year. no wonder tupperware cannot contain its excitement. how are they doing as the ceo of tupperware joins us in a fox business exclusive. david: a tupperware party right here on after the bell. we will tell you what drove the market today. stocks pushing higher to date with all industries rally. materials, technology and industrials for two days top performers. utilities did leg a little bit. the prior week's figure was revised higher by 3,372,000. u.s. construction spending rose to its highest level in almost three years in september. spending rose 0.6%. liz: we have tim mulholland at the cme and brian of wells fargo financials. plus, robert gray ready to break in with earnings. first, let's start with tim. not bad at all. you have to admit it looked pretty healthy and good,
the dollar weighed down by uncertainty on reform, and tomorrow's u.s. presidential election, of course, the euro traded below its average hitting a low of $1.27. and the u.s. nonmanufacturing sector expanded at a slower rate in september, readings above 50 indicate some form of economic expansion. liz: well, we've got john brady in the pits of the cme and lee munson breaking down their preelection portfolio plays. let's start with john at the cme. and the market attention, we are hearing here at least in new york that it's very much focused on the election. what are you hearing in chicago? >> no, i think so, liz. i think that's right. you know, today's lighter volume trade has brought about a bunch of short covering, and that doesn't go really well in jibe or in sync with the economic data we saw earlier today. you mentioned earlier the october nonmanufacturing ism survey. four of those ten subcomponents of that number were below 50, a fifth was right at the 50 level, so the economy seems to be slowing a little bit, but really today's trade has been a short covering trade, portfolio ma
treasuries subject to things not just that can be controlled by the u.s. economy and what congress may or may not accomplish but also for example headline disasters overseas, the chinese by a lot of our debt. >> short-term market moves and the value of the treasury bonds would not matter. again, they would have to look 10 years down what would they be worth. i think it would take a longer view not a short-term swing. longer-term favors the economy, how stable will it be with the inflation rate which could be very key. new bonds would be issued. reflected in the treasury bonds but that have to hold the maturity. i think that is important feature of this. david: that means they would have to be worried about inflation, which is something they should be worried about. theithe money could be frittered away. >> exactly. if we continue on this unsustainable fiscal path, we're going to have more severe problems potentially with interest-rate volatility if investors overseas, chinese investors or whoever are buying our debt are confident, interest rates could slide lower in the value the bond. a lot
's a no-no. volkswagon recalling beetles in the u.s. due to an issue with the passenger seat air bag. it includes 2012 and 2013 models with leather sports seats. nokia releasing the new app for apple as they struggle with the map app. there's a cloud based map service available on the iphone, ipod, and the ipad. afford is bringing the smallest engyp in the u.s. to meet government fuel economy standards to be added to the 2014 ford fee yes, sir that -- fiesta making it the most fuel efficient on the market. liz? liz: lots of americans plotting a big shopping trip as they eat their meals. oh, our family. david: oh, gee, that's just like you, liz. liz: exactly like me. look, everyone. david: june cleaver. liz: you'll never see that. who is the guy next to me? not david, that's tom. black friday coming early, starts thursday this time around. saying this is an opportunity to play ets and cyber monday is the first to watch. first on fox business joining us, looked happy there until you tried the food. david: oh -- >> i know you're a great cook, liz. liz: i'm a great orderer of cooking. >>
missed their shift as last year according to the u.s. president and ceo of wal-mart. one pointed out there's likely more people online at most wal-mart stores now than participated in the protest, but here in chicago, about 200 people, as i said, a lot of members of other unions, including the united food and commercial union seeking to unionize wal-mart. a lot of people that work at wal-mart, not thrilled with the working conditions or the pay they are making, not a lot of them say they want to join a union. they would just like management to hear their pleas, and, perhaps, do a better job of paying them or having more fair work conditions, but not everyone is sold on the notions of joining a union. it's interesting. as you see here on the south side of chicago, the protests evaporated, and it's just us left in the cold. oh, so it goes. tracy: even protesters can't stand the cold. jeff, we have to send you home for the day. you're done. i'm sending you home. >> that's wonderful. tracy: you're done. >> new president of fox business network, tracy. david: unions failing miserably to s
could see a bow naenz is a in energy production in the u.s.? >> you will see a change. let's not walk away from all environmental regulation. they do protect us and protect our water. david: were some of those regulations during the obama administration intended not necessarily to prevent pollution but to kill off fossil fuels? >> it was definitely policy-driven bit white house. it is clear the white house is putting its focus on green energy and renewable energy. that's what they want. and so they, the bias is definitely in that direction. that bias will change clearly under a romney administration. david: and perhaps if there is a romney administration, the stocks that are represented by energy would do well? >> i would think so. i would think you see the market do quite well. david: christine todd whitman, former governor of the state of new jersey. thanks for coming in. >> always a pleasure. david: don't miss any of the action tonight as polls close. join us for our extended coverage of election with our all-star team. stuart varney at 5:00 p.m. join neil cavuto on fox business wh
story with u.s. treasury prices pushing yields down the most since june. dropping 11 basis points at 1.65%, the lowest level in more than a full month. david: let's get to today's action. we found somebody who says he is still buying despite the selloff. we have a bull and a bear. let's start with mark at the cme. i have to ask whether this is all about taxes, the president is one of the first people in history who said he is going to raise taxes if elected and in fact that is what he's expected to do and he is now the president again. liz: i'm kind of surprised i had such a terrible day today. david: i am sorry to interfere, but we have qualcomm earnings, whole foods and qualcomm, qualcomm earnings are just out, robert gray, what are they? >> they came in better than expected. excited earnings-per-share bitting unadjusted bases operating profit of $0.89 or share. 7-penny higher than the average estimate. revenue exceeding expectations, $4.77 billion. looking at the outlook for the fiscal first quarter which they are in currently, offering guidance there above expectations. you are loo
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21